Monday, December 20, 2010

Cooking with Watkins

When you cook you can create a dish that is uniquely your by the addition of spices. Each person's cooking has it's own signature according to the way it is put together and how it is seasoned. That is why two people taking the same basic recipe to a fair get two different results.  One may win a champion ribbon and the other may get a blue or red ribbon because she failed to balance the spices in a pleasing manner.

One of my favorite cookie recipes is a gingersnap recipe that calls for cayenne pepper and hot flakes in addition to the basic ginger and molasses ingredients that are almost always a part of the recipe.  These cookies never fail to get rave comments and always disappear at any party. Another favorite is my "Wacky Zucchini Cake".  It looks like an ordinary chocolate cake but the addition of zucchini makes it super moist and flavorful.